A non-profit organization located in Norwalk, CT.  We offer basketball programs for youth ages 5-19.  If you are looking to play basketball at the highest level or just looking for a place to learn and develop,  HoopHavenCT is the place for you.  We have shooting machines, plyometric boxes, weights and vertimax-like system.  All for young athletes to improve every aspect of their game. 

Part 2 of Jamal Gibbs interview. The Norwalk legends #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Books before ball. Our ballers knocking out some homework before they go get some work in, in the gym. #hoophavenct #wearefamily #trusttheprocess ...

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As anticipated…Part 1 of The Evan Kelley interview. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Should trainers use cones? Full video in a few #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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2024 Spring AAU Basketball. February 23 6:30-8 P.M. and March 2 11-1P.M. High School March 16 at 11 a.m. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Part 2, Coach Hamilton from Kolbe on recruiting. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Without a vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily #frontrunners ...

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The crew…Boys went at it today. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Use basketball to teach life skills and life lessons. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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If you want to work and get better. Hit the link in the bio. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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PRIVATE V PUBLIC Conversation. Coach Larry from Kolbe on the podcast sharing perspectives on several topics. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Yessir!!! Some fire about to drop and some feelings about to be hurt. Stay tuned…. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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It’s that time… #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Work!!! Dont worry about nothing else!!! Proud of you young bull. We got a plan! We got a vision! And it’s looking alright right now. #hoophavenct trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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We answer some tough questions on this one. @hoodcoachk talks about CT Blazers. I answer Coach Eason’s video regarding HoopHavenCT. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Part 1 of 2 Jamal Gibbs and I chopping it up about the history of Norwalk basketball. We forgot some people I’m sure. But give us some names in the comment section please. @staceysawyer3303 @sherwood.g.taylor help us out please. @maal_g #trusttheprocess #wearefamily #hoophavenct ...

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Evan Kelley Part 2 of 1 #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Building men not a program. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Dope interview with @evankelley__ All you youngins tap in. Dropped a lot of knowledge on this one. Talked about life on and off the court. #hoophavenct #trusttheprocess #wearefamily ...

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Our Winter Peanut League has three sessions.  November 6th-December 16th, January 6th-February 10th, and March 2nd-April 6th.  Register below

Fall AAU Basketball

Our Fall AAU basketball teams will compete against other AAU regional programs.  The teams will practice twice a week for an hour each practice.  Teams will play in approximately 18 to 30 games throughout the season. During the season players will develop their skills, play as a team, and more importantly learn how to fight through adversity.  This season is more demanding than our in-house league. 

Fall House League

The Fall House League games are played in our facility.  No practices like the Fall AAU or pressure to win.  The league’s intention is to introduce players to the game and to have fun.  Games are during the week and or weekends.  Theirs approximately 6 games not including playoffs.  Teams are separated by grade and skill level.

Peanuts Division

The Peanuts division is our flagship program for the younger age groups.  This division is for kindergarten through fourth grade.  This league will focus on the development of the athlete.  Your child will learn how to dribble, shoot and pass.  We will teach them the court dimension and its meaning.  The goal is to prepare the peanuts for the middle school division.  Peanuts play on Saturday mornings.  Games times vary between 9 and 12.  Divisions are separated by grade and skill level. 

Girls Basketball League (GBL)

Our first GBL season is upon us, and we are very excited about it.  The GBL is an in-house girls’ league.  Games are played in our facility during the week and or weekends.  Teams are separated by grade and skill level.  The younger age group will only have skill development and no games (Reference the peanuts division).  The 5th through High School will have certified referees. 

Girls & Boys Winter Travel

Teams are separated by grade level and play in the FCBL basketball league.  This league is for 3rd-8th graders.  Teams will play other towns’ travel teams.  The season is approximately 20 games played from December-March.  The games are played in our facility as well as in other town gymnasiums.  Teams will compete in the playoffs (record permitted) and potentially win the championship.

Spring AAU Basketball

Our Spring AAU season is the most competitive season.  Teams are divided by skill level and play at the County, Region, or National level.  Games are on the weekends and are typically played all day.  So look forward to a fun-filled weekend in a gymnasium with the family.  Teams will play against other teams across the region.